3 Authentic BBQ Places in Kansas City

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Barbecue is tasty, no matter which style you have. Nothing beats a nice piece of meat cooked to perfection and enjoying it all with family and friends. When you think of Kansas City, barbecue immediately comes to mind. Here are three of the best authentic barbecue joints in the city.

1. Q39 Midtown

Fans of competition-style barbecue need look no further than Q39-Midtown. For the uninitiated, competition-style barbecue cooks at a higher temperature in a shorter amount of time. The brisket and wings are standout dishes among diners at Q39. Tasty burnt ends go with the brisket plate. As the name implies, the burnt ends are the tip of a brisket or other protein which usually has fat in it. It’s popular because this part of the meat captures the smoky flavor and gets extremely crispy. Other menu favorites include the pork belly and the corn dog.

Among the sides up for grabs are traditional dishes like mac and cheese and cold slaw. The slaw features bits of apple and celery in it giving it a delicious taste. Make reservations several days in advance to book a table. The Midtown site is central to many activities in the downtown area.

2. Jack Stack Barbecue

Located in the greater downtown area of Kansas City at the Freight House, Jack Stack is in the center of it all. Among its neighbors in the Crossroads Arts District are art galleries, boutiques, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, and the Sprint Center. Come here for some of the best barbecue in the city. Favorite dishes include the burnt ends, barbecue combo plate, and the ribs. Sandwiches like the Big Pig are also on the menu. Of the side dishes offered, the cheesy potato bake and beans are very tasty.

Different sauce options from mild to very spicy suite every palette as well. The portions are large, and sharing is frequent among diners. Local beer is also a staple on the menu, both in bottles and on tap.

3. Joe’s Kansas City BBQ

This Kansas City BBQ staple opened at a gas station in 1997. Owners Joe and Joy Stehney opened it after spending several years on the competition barbecue circuit where they quickly made a name for themselves. Ribs and brisket are two dishes customers enjoy. The ribs have a great smoky flavor and fall off the bone with plenty of meat to enjoy. They don’t even need added sauce. Joe’s even offers a Z-man rib sandwich, beloved by many. Traditional sides like beans go with the meals.

Joe’s is a true Kansas City institution. Since opening in 1997, the Spehneys have opened two other restaurants in Kansas. The original place is still the most popular by far. Joe’s also ships barbecue, so if you know someone out-of-state who loves it, send them the gift of barbecue.

Nothing beats a good Kansas City barbecue spot. The city is full of many options for it, being the capital of this barbecue style. Whether you’re in town for work or pleasure, consider checking out one of these top-notch barbecue establishments or exploring activities in Independence.

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